Alex Wong

Full Stack Software Engineer
Based in New York City
Software Engineer Assistant @ App Academy
Contact me at ✉️
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Typescript Javascript Java Python Spring Boot Ruby on Rails React Next.js Prisma Node.js


Here are my projects using various technlogies

About Alex

Hey there!

My name is Alex Wong and I am a full stack software engineer. Currently a Software Engineer Assistant(SEA) @ App Academy

I am a graduate from App Academy, a 1000+ hour immersive software engineering bootcamp. I have a background in psychology and biochemistry and I have a passion for learning new things.

I have a passion for technology and I am always looking for new ways to learn and grow as a software engineer. If you're interested, please check out some of my projects!

Technologies I'm familiar with:

Languages: Typescript, Javascript, Java, Python, Ruby
Frameworks: React, Next.js, Spring Boot, Ruby on Rails, Tailwind CSS
Databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB
ORMS: Prisma, Hibernate
Other: Node.js, Express.js, Maven, HTML, CSS, Git, Heroku, AWS