hello i'm Alex

"It's always the small code,
that makes the best product."

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About Alex

Hey there!

My name is Alex Wong and I am an up and coming full stack software engineer.

I have a bachelors of arts in psychology from Stony Brook University and I am a graduate of App Academy.

As a full stack software engineer, I have dabbled in JavaScript, React, Redux, Ruby, Ruby On Rails, PostgreSQL, MongoDb, Express, Node.js, D3, CSS, and HTML. I also have an affinity to learn about various API's and incorporate them into projects! I currently have 3 nearly complete projects and have plans to create new personal projects to display my niche interests!

As for hobbies, I'm an avid fan of cinema and trivia. I love movies of all genres and I love to spot the little details and easter eggs behind every film/scene. I am also interested in powerlifting and actively seek new routines to stay healthy. I also tend to keep up with fashion trends and try to stand out with my niche style when I can.

I've also traveled to China, South Korea, and Japan recently and I would love to go back there soon!




Here are my projects using various technlogies